Canon G5 X Camera Review

I have been using a Canon Ixus 125 pocket camera that is a few years old now - it doesn't take a bad pic in good conditions or if you have ample time to set up, but it's slow - as in lag from hitting the trigger to making the exposure. Moving targets are pretty much out of the question.

I had a Kodak DC4800 back in 2001 and always liked its 'pocket-ability'. We had heaps of shots published in the local bike press because Co-pilot was really good at hanging off the back of the bike and getting rider shots and we were among the first to do it locally.
The Hippie apace

This isn't one - but I like the pic.
Co-pilot at work

Then as I got more serious about imaging the kit grows and grows. This is just some of what I can cart around to a gig now. The soft boxes and lights are still in the car.

If I'm shooting bikes for a mag I still carry the Nikon D800, lenses, flash and kit in a backpack, and it's usually worth the effort.

But it's all a bit too much to carry for social rides and non-giging stuff - sooo I just bought a Canon G5 X.
It had the things I wanted - view finder, manual control, F1.8 lens and is very compact - pocket size  (if you have a big pocket.)

It's a lovely feeling, tactile thing. Touch screen is good - controls are good, all pretty intuitive - I got it worked out with just a cursory flick through the manual.

It's not that much bigger than a Go Pro:

So far I'm very happy with it too. Tried it out last night - rode down to the Bayside and not having to carry the weight of the full kit was great. Just the lightweight tripod and the tiny camera was like nothing at all.

Here's the full size jpeg:
It's had a slight crop and minor colour correction in PSD.

I also shoot a lot of bikes and vehicles for sale in dealerships.
Using the 36mpx capable D800 has always seemed overkill for low-res online stock shots so I used the G5 X today to see how it coped.

It struggled a bit with auto white balance , but got a reasonable result with balancing manually. They are only half this size online. Should save some wear and tear on the big gun.

We'll see how it goes with moving targets next. Burst mode is 10fps so it should work OK.

Low light and high ISO is pretty noisy on auto. Slow it down and use a tripod and it's surprisingly good.

There's no 4K video - but it does 50fps in 1080 -  I mainly produce 720 for You Tubes so it didn't bother me. There in no external mic input either, so that could put some off.

So there's the long winded story. So far the Canon G5X seems like a pretty good solution for a portable camera that takes a good shot and is motorcycle friendly.

More to come.